Production group Aroco - Aroma

The AROCO-AROMA Production Group, formed by the capital joint venture of AROCO, spol. s r.o. and Aroma Praha, a.s. is the group that represents the largest group of producers of fragrances and flavors and food colors in the Czech Republic. This 100% Czech production group is a producer of sweet and spicy food additives and colors, aromatics and colors for feed and compound feeds, aromatic substances intended for fishing hunting needs, natural extracts, perfume compositions, synthetic fragrances.

The division of production within the production group is organized in such a way as to maximize the technological potential of individual companies in order to achieve not only the best quality but also, not least, the prices. Profitable integration of development and business activities, along with active collaboration with universities and research institutes, enable us to ensure a constantly increasing quality of customer care.

Company AROCO, spol. s r.o. within the production group ensures development for the whole range of food additives and paints, aromatics and colors in feed and compound feeds, natural extracts and aromas for sport fishing including other hunting products. At the same time, in these areas, it is the contact point for the realization of the trade in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic for the whole production group AROCO - AROMA.

Aroma Praha, a.s. within the production group ensures the development of perfume compositions and synthetic fragrances. In terms of business activities, the AROCO - AROMA Production Group is a contact point for the domestic perfume and synthetic fragrances and for the foreign market (outside the Slovak Republic), the whole assortment of the production group.

The AROCO-AROMA production group, thanks to this arrangement and sophisticated quality management system (certified ISO, FSSC and HACCP systems), can offer our customers not only long-term experience and comprehensive technical service but also a quick and cost-effective solution for supplying high-quality products.