Aromatické látky (zchutňovadla) a barviva do krmiv

Our flavors and colors are excellently flavored and colored for pet and farm animals.

The flavorings are added to the feed to increase the flavor and aroma, thereby increasing feed intake, teasing the young to a new feed, or removing the unpleasant odors of some groups of feed. The suitability of flavorings should be checked by preferential animal tests. Their appreciation by humans is less plausible due to different sensory perceptions and preferences. E.g. sweet fodder tastes cattle, goats, horses and pigs, sheep prefer spicy flavors (cumin, anise, fennel), cats like carnivores are loved with meat flavors. Preferating a certain flavor and smell also changes with the age of the animal.

We offer food colors (synthetic and natural) for coloring feeds. Thanks to these colors, animal feed becomes more appealing. This is used, for example, in the dyeing of feeds for chickens and turkeys, which prefer to feed green and blue.